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if i just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

美香 (Mika)
9 August
Journal with 18+ content !

Friends only;

Only my personal entries are locked for friends only.
For fan fics, graphics, scans, go to the directory here.
Talk to me before you add me. If you're only interested in fics, graphics, scans, track me.
Do not add me if you aren't gonna talk to me!

DO NOT cross post anything from here to neither facebook or twitter!!

You sound like rain;

My name is 美香 (Mika).

"Mine ord er fra hjerta, mine tanker er frie
Du må stå inne for det du får ut av livet
For det er ingen som går ut av livet i live"

Run and you don't give up;

Hur långt man än har kommit är det alltid längre kvar. No matter how far you've come, there's always a longer way remaining.

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